Masport F12000 ($3099)


Model Number: Masport F12000

With its large capacity and powerful output, the F12000 is a stylish choice for large rooms and open plan spaces. The panoramic bay window design offers you an expansive view of the fire from the corners of the room. Choose from charcoal VHT finish or matt black enamel.

  • Heats very large areas with extended burn time
  • Magnificent heat and superior burn with fully finned 6mm cast iron firebox and triple air combustion system
  • 175mm flue to ensure complete burn
  • Standard 2-speed fan for faster heat circulation
  • Integrated ash shelf to collect ash and make disposal easier
  • Smooth release door latch with adjustable door hinge
  • Fitted with masonry bricks and steel fire baffle
  • Removable top plate for cooking.

Finish: Black
Firebox: Cast Iron
Louvre / Grill: Silver
EST Peak Output: 28kw
Approx. Heat Area: 280m2
Emissions: 2g/kg
Circulation: 2-speed convection fan
Dimensions (WxDxH): 760 x 620 x 800mm


Weight: 190 kg
Dimensions: 760 x 620 x 800 mm


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