Pellet Heaters

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Pellet heaters are a convenient, safe and environmentally friendly way to heat your home. Wood heaters may remain the most popular, traditional choice of heating, but wood pellet stoves are quickly gaining popularity for their convenient and sustainable nature. Minimal ash means less carbon, and less carbon means a more efficient heating system for your home.

Wood pellets typically come from waste timber shavings that are destined for landfill or incineration, meaning that no trees are actively being harmed in your endeavour to stay warm. Pellets are normally sold in bags of around 15 kilograms, making them convenient to carry and store. A bag will typically last up to 20 hours depending on the heater capacity and requirements. If you’re of a frugal nature, then they’re a great way to reduce your heating bills without compromising the luxury of a fireplace.

As you don’t need firelighters, newspapers, or matches, they’re also a lot safer than standard fireplaces. At the flick of a switch, warmth radiates into your home. You can even set it to start automatically or from your smartphone as you race home from work. They’re also great for newer houses that don’t have a conventional chimney; being freestanding models, they can go anywhere as long as there’s an electrical outlet.

But most importantly, they are the most environmentally friendly heating choice available. Because pellets are smaller particles, the burn evenly and omit less ash into the atmosphere than traditional wood heaters. Pellet heaters have fifty times less particulate emissions compared to open wood fires, and five times less particulate emissions than wood stoves. Did you know that today’s heating systems that use wood pellets as a renewable energy source can reach an efficiency factor of more than 90%?

As an extra bonus, because they steadily feed fuel into a burn pot area, they produce a constant flame that requires little to no physical adjustments, meaning that you can just sit back and relax. So if you’re after a heating system that is convenient, provides efficient warmth, creates ambience in rooms, and is a right decision for the environment, we’re sure this will be the right decision for you.


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